Author Topic: Important Rules - Please Read - No Advertising Without Permission  (Read 6836 times)

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All members must make at least one post - we ask that new members post at least one message so we know that you are a real person and not a bot here to spam/harvest email addresses/promote the three P's etc. Even if you only post to say that you have arrived on the forum with intent to lurk and not participate. If you sign up and fail to make a post your account will be deleted within a few days of your sign up date.

No free email addresses - We no longer accept members using free email accounts, too much spam, scams and email harvesters.

No advertising of any products, services or "investment opportunities" etc. without clearing it with the board admin (me) first. No exceptions. There are just too many scammers out there.

No advertising or discussion of "long range locators," we just aren't interested, this board is for the discussion of treasure hunting, salvage, metal detectors etc. I'm sure there are many places on the web you can go to discuss science fiction stories.

Trying to sell "vital ship wreck information from the archives in Seville"? Don't bother, it is against the rules.

Having problems with the authorities in the Philippines? We don't care, so don't waste your time posting about it here.

If you have an amazing treasure story to tell be ready to back it up with photos and a great deal of detailed information or don't bother posting it here, our server has a finely tuned bullshit detector and nobody here is interested in hearing your fairy tales.

Han Solo fired first.

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Re: Important Rules - Please Read - No Advertising Without Permission
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Does anybody actually read the rules ever?