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Another Newbie
« on: January 30, 2010, 11:16:45 AM »
Hi all. I am totally new to all this MD stuff although I do remember being out with my father (all of 40 years ago) with his then new detector. Have not even bought a detector yet, but have been researching for a few weeks now. Lots and lots of interesting posts with lots of help and tips. Plan to start at home if the missus lets me dig up our 12 acres despite the horses, at least that way all that I find is mine. Have joined the NCMD, and I am ok with codes of practice and reporting finds etc. Thought I would then tackle some beaches for added confidence. Life and work mean I can only go out at certain times but will no doubt get the bug. Just a hobby at present but it sounds like it consumes you after a while.

Quick question are there any detectors to "avoid" cost is not a huge issue, but would like something to cope with wet sand as well.

Thanks for any help, might see some of you about, forgot to say I am in Rural Perthshire.