Author Topic: Metal Detecting Oregon - Sellwood Park with an AT Pro  (Read 1677 times)

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Metal Detecting Oregon - Sellwood Park with an AT Pro
« on: February 25, 2011, 01:31:31 PM »

"Sellwood Park in S.E. Portland (Town of Sellwood) has been around since before 1930. The park, as I've been told, has been hunted to death. But yet, I did find a 1917 penny and that's the oldest coin I've found here. This park still has stuff to offer. The park sits above Oaks Amusement park, which has a rich old history of it's own. See PDXhistory .com for more on Portland's amusement parks.

There's a trail you can walk down to the wildlife area and to the basin, where you can walk over to Oaks Park. The trail head is at the North end, a little right of center along the wooden fence. I've detected the trail and found nothing, but I know there's coins here to be found....there just has to be.

Oaks Park has a firework display on the 4th, offers a swimming pool, horse shoes, basketball, tennis, baseball, football, a big playground, picnic areas and just below Sellwood Park is Sellwood City park, which is more of a dog park.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for all the comments. Happy hunting everyone."
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