Author Topic: Pensioner unearths £1,700 of pupils’ cash and gives it schools  (Read 158 times)

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Pensioner unearths £1,700 of pupils’ cash and gives it schools

A pensioner with a metal detector has collected more than £1,700 in loose change dropped by pupils and handed the money back to schools. Eric Soane, 79, combs playgrounds and sports fields before giving the cash to headteachers to bolster funds. So far he says he has picked up 22,331 coins worth £1,710 from 17 schools in the Inverness and Easter Ross areas.

His most lucrative day was at Raigmore Primary in Inverness, where he picked up 3,500 coins worth £185. Rosebank Primary in Nairn was his second best day, finding 3,127 coins worth £160. Mr Soane, famed for finding one of the largest ever hoards of Roman coins, now spends whole days combing playgrounds and school fields for coins to boost the schools’ coffers.

The amateur treasure hunter changes the money at a bank before handing it over to schools. He said the reaction from pupils when he hand-delivers a wad of notes was just priceless. “I couldn’t believe the reception I got at Obsdale Primary School in Alness,” he said. “The head-teacher was over the moon. And one of the little girls who took the money from me made a fan out of all the notes and held it out to her classmates.” Carla Tunnicliffe, acting head teacher at Raigmore Primary, said: “The school is really appreciative of receiving the money Mr Soane finds in the school grounds.”

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