Author Topic: Meteorite Found Metal Detecting Farm Paddock in the Great Southern Western Austr  (Read 1918 times)

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"What an amazing coicidence, tonight I was watching some youtube metal detecting videos, and the last one I watched was a guy in Australia who found a Meteorite with a Minelab GP 4000. Then around 10pm I was bored out of my mind, and I thought I'd go down to the local showground to do a bit of metal detecting, for old coins and jewellery etc.

I had a bit of luck, found a nice religious necklace charm, nothing else, so I decided to go out to a place near the local rubbish dump.

Basically it is a farm paddock with alot of very old broken glass spread throughout the paddock.

I think that this may have originally been an old dumping site before the World War One era, so where ever there is old glass, there is bound to be treasure, coins, jewellery etc, because people would accidently throw out their coins, jewellery etc in the rubbish."
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