Author Topic: The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Updates  (Read 303 times)

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The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Updates
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:56:18 PM »
The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Updates

Since the show was first aired, The Curse of Oak Island has garnered a solid viewer rating. People are naturally curious to follow the journey of the Lagina brothers in their quest to find some treasure supposedly buried in what’s called the Money Pit in Oak Island off the shores of Nova Scotia. Four seasons have passed since the show’s first episode and to this date, no treasure has been found. This is making fans of the show not just impatient but completely skeptical whether the treasure is even buried there or not.

The Lagina brothers have been working tirelessly season after season and doing everything they can to find the treasure that might have been the infamous pirate Captain William Kidd’s horde of wealth. As the show chronicles their many setbacks and slow progress, viewers are beginning to grow weary of the futile hunt. While many are still excited that the History Channel renewed the show for season 5, fans will probably want a little bit more than just digging in order to stay interested in the show.

The History Channel has done a good job of keeping the show interesting, however, and season 5 should hold some kind of promise. The curse that’s looming over the show has been one good reason to stay in tuned. According to the curse, before the treasure can be discovered, seven people must lose their lives. So far, six have died in this particular quest. Even though records reveal that hundreds of people have lost their lives in search of the treasure in the past, the idea of the curse is enough to keep people interested.

However, it’s more difficult to keep sponsors interested when there are no results being produced. The History Channel will likely need a new sponsor to anchor the show’s upcoming season. The network still hasn’t posted a release date for season 5, but it continues to get viewers excited about the future of the show.

There are a good number of fans that have been mystified by Oak Island all their lives. The quest of the Lagina brothers is as interesting as any treasure hunt could be for such an audience, but the show does have its problems. With the lack of results that pertain directly to the treasure, some episodes have almost become redundant. Fans have proclaimed their dissatisfaction online and on social media, but what could the network really do if there’s no treasure buried down there? Will they eventually cease production altogether, or will they continue to dig in hopes of a real treasure.

Those who believe the whole curse is a hoax should read into the mysterious history of the island. While you wait for season 5 to continue brewing, you can decide whether the Lagina brothers will ever find anything truly substantial. If they are on a treasure hunt that’s only doomed to fail, will it be worth it to watch another empty season? The History Channel continues to support the Lagina brothers on their quest; suppose the fans might as well also.