Famous Treasure Wrecks, Spanish Galleons

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Famous Shipwreck Treasure Finds

There is probably more gold and silver bullion to be found at sea than on land. For example, for many hundreds of years the Spanish plate fleets carried tons of gold and silver from places like Potosi and Cartagena in the new world back to Spain. Many of these vessels were lost.

As most ship wrecks happen in relatively shallow water, ship wreck salvage has been happening for centuries, long before the development of the aqualung and modern scuba equipment.

Thousands of ship wrecks carrying an unimaginable amount of wealth undoubtedly lay on the sea bed, just waiting to be discovered.

Famous Treasure Wrecks Around the United Kingdom

The Wreck of the Halsewell, Seadart Divers Association (near Swanage, Dorset)

The Wreck of the Halsewell, Seadart Divers Association (near Swanage, Dorset) a wreck currently being salvaged by a British dive team off the coast of southern England. the wreck has produced a number of gold and silver coins.
The Admiral Gardner (East Indiaman) Shipwreck 1809 The Admiral Gardner (East Indiaman) Shipwreck 1809 The Admiral Gardner was carrying 54 tons of copper coins from the UK to India when she was wrecked on the infamous Goodwin Sands.

The Royal Charter Treasure Wreck

The Royal Charter Treasure Wreck (Anglesey, North Wales), the Royal Charter was carrying miners on their way home from the Australian gold fields, the ship was carry gold bullion, gold dust and Australian gold sovereigns.
The Tobermory Treasure Galleon (Isle of Mull, Scotland), one of the longest running ship wreck hunts in history, the Dukes of Argyll have been searching for the wreck since 1641.
The Rill Cove Treasure Wreck, also known as the  Lizard Silver Wreck (The Lizard, Cornwall) an unknown ship wreck on the coast of Cornwall, the ship was carrying a considerable quantity of silver coins.
Dutch East India Company Ship Amsterdam, wrecked on the Bulverhythe shore near Hastings on 26 January 1749
  The HMS Association Treasure Wreck, Scilly Isles
  The Hollandia Treasure Wreck, Scilly Isles, more than 35,000 silver coins were salvaged from this wreck in 1971.

Famous International Treasure Wrecks

The 1715 Plate Fleet - Treasure Hunting

The 1715 Plate Fleet - The loss of 10 of the 11 ships that made up the 1715 plate fleet was probably the largest loss of treasure at sea in all of maritime history.

Nuestra Senora de Atocha - Discovered by Mel Fisher, the Atocha is probably the richest treasure ship ever discovered.

Nuestra Senora de Atocha - Discovered by Mel Fisher, the Atocha is probably the richest treasure ship ever discovered.

The Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, Ted Falcon-Barker Treasure Hunting

The Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion struck the Los Abrojos reef, 60 miles north of Haiti, after being severely damaged in a hurricane in 1659. Her cargo: one hundred tons of silver coin and bullion.
  The Australian Galleons, unknown Spanish and Portuguese wrecks around the coast of Australia?
  Lost Spanish Galleon and Viking Long Ship in the Colorado Desert
RMS Republic Treasure Salvage

The Vigo Bay Treasure Galleons

The Vigo Bay Galleons
The Lutine Shipwreck, a Royal Navy vessel that sank in 1799. The Lutine was carry thousands of silver coins.
 See also
  The Great Treasure of Lake Guatavita, El Dorado, a treasure hunt that has been running since 1545. Does the the lake still conceal a fortune in gold and emeralds in its murky depths?
The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak


News on happenings at the Atocha wreck site http://www.melfisher.com

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