Getting Permission to Search & Finds Division Agreements

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Permission to Search

Every single piece of land in this country has an owner, and if you want to metal detect on that land then you need the owners permission. It is always best to get the landowners permission in writing if you can. You can always combine a permission to search agreement with a finds division agreement - kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately there is no magic formula for getting land to detect on and, at least where I live, it is getting harder and harder to find detecting friendly farmers.

If you are successful in getting permission to search, remember to ask the landowner if there are scheduled monuments on his or her property - this is particularly important - as you cannot detect on a scheduled monument even if you have the landowners permission. To search a scheduled monument requires a license that you are very unlikely to get.

Finds Division Agreements

Be sure to agree terms with the landowner on finds division before you even think about detecting on their land, and get this agreement in writing. A finds division agreement could save you from a legal nightmare should you find a valuable item or hoard.

The vast majority of farmers and landowners are honest hardworking people who would never dream of trying to rip you off, but the sight of gold and silver can do strange things to people - it is better to have a finds division agreement and not need it than to need a finds division agreement and not have it.

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