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Had a whole lot more hack attempts today, I've backed everything up and put some new forum firewall software in place. Will just have to site back and see what happens. At least i have backups this time!  :D
If you are having problems registering a new account because of the forums captcha system, click the link next to the captcha box and it will read out the letters/numbers as a sound file. I know the captcha system can be a big pain in the arse, but it helps keep the spammers and email harvesters to a minimum.
Metal Detecting Clubs & Organizations In The UK *bump* updated again, lots of local club sites have vanished. :(
General Discussion - Off Topic Forum / Wasn't the world supposed to end today?
« Last post by Tascio on May 21, 2011, 07:58:25 PM »
Oh well, guess we'll have to wait for 2012!  :P

A collection of Roman coins has been unearthed by archaeologists excavating a former barracks in Colchester.

Two pots, one of them containing 1,247 coins, were discovered on the site of the former Hyderabad and Meeanee barracks, which are being redeveloped.

The coins, known as antoniniani, date back to between 251 and 271 AD.

Philip Crummy from the Colchester Archaeological Trust said the find would shed light on how people looked after their money in Roman times.
Metal Detector Discussion / Re: Whites V3i
« Last post by grumpyjohn on May 20, 2011, 02:30:15 PM »
No Tascio the facility to upgrade via a computer is not featured on the V3i. When Whites changed the software they offered anyone who had purchased a V3 a free upgrade. During this upgrade some features were changed and others dropped (i.e. the facility to put in progs. from other V3`s via the radio headphones was dropped). New features like a choice of languages replaced them.The upgrades can only be done at the factory so sending the machine back is the only option. In saying this the repair base in Inverness is very fast. I`ve had to send my DFX back for repair twice. Posted to them Mon. arrived back on Thurs. in both cases. ;D
Metal Detector Accessory Reviews / Re: Youtube Garrett Probe field test
« Last post by Tascio on May 20, 2011, 01:56:21 PM »
I like that keyring idea, one of the things that worries me about getting one of these is that i'll leave it next to a filled in hole and just walk off and never see it again. :D
Metal Detector Discussion / Re: Whites V3i
« Last post by Tascio on May 20, 2011, 01:54:04 PM »
Is the firmware on the V3i upgradable via the net/USB cable? How do they fix the software problems, do you have to send the whole thing back to the factory?
Metal Detector Accessory Reviews / Re: Youtube Garrett Probe field test
« Last post by grumpyjohn on May 20, 2011, 10:00:02 AM »
A bit pricey but in my opinion well worth the money. Best probe i`ve ever used! One word of warning though, they tend to fall out the holster supplied so I bought a cheap curly coil keyring (79 pence) from a shop, cut off the metal ring and taped the cut end to the probe with waterproof tape. The clip end I attach to a belt loop and hey presto if falls out you don`t lose it! ;)
Metal Detector Discussion / Whites V3i
« Last post by grumpyjohn on May 20, 2011, 09:02:32 AM »
My newest detector is the V3i the latest offering from Whites. As you would expect from a machine made by whites the build quality is second to none.This machine has the same stem as all the other detectors in the Whites stable and is a well proven design.The biggest advance screen wise is not only colour but a choice of target identification methods to suit the operator.The V3i also has the ability at the push of a button to enhance the signal of those deep targets that are just a whisper. This comes at a cost though, regarding battery life! This machine is not for a novice and takes some time to master but if coming from another Whites product it makes it easier as it shares many systems with its predecessors.All whites coils will work on the V3i but unless a coil is V rated you can`t use the boost facility.All round a very versatile machine which will suit all types of detecting and can be set to suit any operator.
The V3 was brought out to compete with the Etrac and in my opinion was rushed onto the market without enough testing . There were problems with coil failure and the software at the start and earned the machine a bad reputation! With the V3i these problems are now solved and with the European repair base being in Scotland it`s easy to pick up a phone and talk through any issues you may have. ;D
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