The Royston Cave by Joseph Beldam, Plate III

Royston Cave Beldam Plate III

1.Section of the Cave, looking west; with the two Shafts.
2.Appearance of the Cave when half opened.
3.Ground Plan of the Cave, and the Grave.
4.Anglo Norman Architecture.
5.Norman Arch.
6.The Disputed Shield.
7.Kite-shaped Shield.
8.Crown of Richard Coeur de Lion,
9.Crown of Queen Berengaria.
10. Crown of St Katharine.
11. Circular Shield.
12. Another Shield
13. Crown of William King of Scots.
14. The Date in the Dome.
15. Lady's Head-dress.
16. The Seal found in the Cave.
17. The Sword of St. Paul.
18. Low-crowned Helmet of Henry II.
19. Another Shield.
20. Crusader's Helmet.
21. Head dress of the Virgin at the Cross.
22. Second Date in 'the Cave.
23. Crown of Queen Eleanor.
24. Hearts in Double and Triple Lines.
25. Initials of William King of Scots.