Captain Kidd’s Treasure is a Big Lump of Lead

Captain Kidd’s treasure turns out to be a bar of lead!

Back in May we reported on the discovery of a 50kg (110lb) silver bar, recovered from what was believed to be the wreck of Captain William Kidd’s ship, the Adventure Galley, off the coast of Madagascar. The press quickly jumped on the story, claiming Captain Kidd’s treasure had been discovered.

Portrait of Captain William Kidd, captain kidd's treasure found in Madagascar?
Portrait of Captain William Kidd

The United Nations have released a statement saying that the wreck is not Captain William Kidd’s ship and the ‘silver bar’ is, in fact, 95% lead:

“The mission showed that several historic wrecks lie indeed in the bays of Sainte-Marie island,”

“However, what had been identified as the Adventure Galley of the pirate Captain Kidd has been found by the experts… to be a broken part of the Sainte-Marie port constructions.”

More on the BBC web site.

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