Battlefield Relic Folklore and Urban Legends

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Battlefield Relic Folklore and Urban Legends

We are firm believers that almost all folklore and urban legend type stories have a kernel of fact. Stories may become exaggerated over the years, but somewhere down the line a genuine incident occurred that spawned the legends and strange tales.

If you served in Germany and heard any strange stories about tunnels, secret underground military installations, hidden hoards of aircraft or armour in underground bunkers, hangers or mines we would love to hear from you! Please email us.

Tempelhof International Airport (Berlin, Germany)

Rumours of flooded tunnels filled with Tiger tanks and war materials beneath Tempelhof International Airport have been reported by US military personnel who served in the area in the 1960's. Thus far unsubstantiated.

Merrell Barracks (Nuremberg, Germany)

Rumours of secret rooms and tunnels under Merrell Barracks have circulated amongst US Army personnel for many years. Prior to the American occupation the barracks were used by the SS as a signals school. Some of the rumours have suggested that there may have been a secret bunker under the site used for storage of high value items or even a hiding place for Hitler himself. Thus far unsubstantiated.

Giebelstadt Army Airfield (Giebelstadt, Germany)

Rumoured home to a complex of underground aircraft hangers. An American group of aviation enthusiasts are currently involved in a project to locate WWII German aircraft hidden in underground hangers, Gieblestadt Airfield is probably right at the top of their list of places to search.

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