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Metal Detecting UK - The Site For Metal Detectorists, gold prospectors and treasure hunters!

Welcome to Metal Detecting UK - This site is all about Treasure Hunting, Metal Detectors and Metal Detecting. We also cover Gold Prospecting and Panning, Scuba Diving, wreck diving, Shipwrecks and Treasure Hunting. Here you will find out how to find hoards and lots of information about famous treasure and shipwreck finds. We are planning to develop a comprehensive reviews section, covering the latest metal detectors, books and equipment. Keep up to date on the latest metal detecting, gold prospecting and treasure hunting news at our official blog! Please also visit the metal detecting forum!

"Detecting ( won't win any design prizes, but what it lacks in visual appeal it makes up for in comprehensiveness, providing an excellent introduction to the subject. There are guides, tips, thrilling stories and practical advice on all aspects of metal detecting and treasure hunting, from gold panning to wreck diving." - Matthew Wall, The Sunday Times

Would you like us to write a field test of a metal detector your company manufactures? Would you like us to review your metal detecting, gold prospecting, or treasure hunting related book? Drop us an email and let us know! Just be sure that you have 110% confidence in your product - unlike other web sites and magazines, you can't buy or bribe your way to a good review from us! We are completely independent and don't owe allegiance to any brand name or manufacturer - far too many other web sites cannot say the same!

The Admiral Gardner (East Indiaman) Shipwreck 1809 The Admiral Gardner (East Indiaman) Shipwreck 1809 The Admiral Gardner was carrying 54 tons of copper coins from the UK to India when she was wrecked on the infamous Goodwin Sands.
Coins of the romans relating to britain Book Coins of the Romans Relating to Britain By John Y. Akerman, Published 1836. Reproduced in full.
The Staffordshire Hoard, anglo saxon treasure The Staffordshire Hoard, the Anglo-Saxon find of the century! Discovered by metal detectorist Terry Herbert. The hoard is composed of 1,500 gold and silver items dating from the seventh century. The treasure valuation committee decided the find was worth £3.3 million. The hoard was bought by Birmingham City Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council and they are planning to display the find locally when conservation work is complete.
Amsterdam, wrecked on the Bulverhythe shore near Hastings on 26 January 1749 Dutch East India Company Ship Amsterdam, wrecked on the Bulverhythe shore near Hastings on 26 January 1749. Includes photographs of a visit to the Amsterdam wreck site. Well, actually two visits to the wreck site, catching the tides just right to be able to see the wreck properly is hard!
Kidd-Palmer Charts - Treasure Map to Lost Pirate Treasure The Kidd-Palmer charts were discovered by retired lawyer and collector of pirate relics, Hubert Palmer, in a number of items of furniture that were said to have belonged to Captain William Kidd.
Maginot Line Button or Medal A find identified with the help of readers! Commemorative piece relating to the construction or defense of the Maginot Line.
Yamashitas Treasure - gold hidden in the phillipines Yamashita's Gold - The Treasure of the "The Tiger of Malaya" (Luzon, the Philippines). Did General Yamashita conceal a great treasure of gold and silver in the Philippines? A real life World War II treasure story, or a convenient urban legend used to conceal theft and political corruption?
The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak  The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak One of the strangest treasure mysteries in US history. Does this remote mountain still contain a vast fortune in gold bars, or was the treasure stolen by the US military?
Lost Tunnel of Leachtown, spanish treasure on vancouver island? Ed Mullard's Lost Tunnel of Leechtown, Vancouver Island, Canada. Rumours of a lost Spanish Monastery, Gold bars, an ancient Spanish bronze cannon in a swamp miles from sea, does the lost cave still exist? Were the Spaniards mining gold on Vancouver island long before the British arrived?
The Golden Wreck, the Royal Charter Treasure ship Wreck The Royal Charter Treasure Wreck - The Royal Charter was a steam clipper which was wrecked on the east coast of Anglesey on 26 October 1859. Australian Gold Sovereigns reportedly still turn up on the beach near where the Royal Charter wrecked. Are there still gold bars to be found at the wreck site?
Nazi Gold Photo Gallery Nazi Gold Photo Gallery, a gallery of images of the search and recovery of nazi assets at the end of world war two, includes many images of the notorious Merkers Mine, where Germanys banks stored considerable quantities of gold and silver coins, bullion and works of art.
Nazi Gold hidden in the Auckland Islands, new zealand Nazi Gold and the Auckland Islands - The remote and uninhabited Auckland Islands are another rumoured location for a cache of Nazi gold.
The Gold of the Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre< The Gold of the Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre, another explanation for one of the greatest atrocities of World War II. Were the local resistance fighters concealing stolen gold?
Royston Cave, a lost cave rediscovered in hertfordshire The Royston Cave - A lost cave rediscovered. The Royston Cave is believed to have been used by the Knights Templar, when discovered the local people set about digging in the cave believing that it contained treasure.
My Best Metal Detecting Finds, celtic gold staters My Best Metal Detecting Finds
Metal Detecting Finds - Military Cap Badges and Insignia Found Whilst Detecting Cap Badges and Insignia Found Whilst Detecting

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