Metal Detecting Trowels, Diggers & Spades

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Metal Detecting Trowels, Diggers & Spades

Choosing a Digging Implement

The digging implement you choose must be suitable for site you are going to be metal detecting on. On a ploughed field or on the beach your choice of digger is not as important, you aren't going to do any meaningful damage to anything, even if you are using a full sized spade (something we would never recommend).

Diggers for ploughed fields

The best digger for a ploughed field has to be the mini spade. Pinpoint your targets carefully and then dig wide of your target to minimize the chances of causing damage to a coin or artefact with the blade of the spade.

Diggers for the beach

The best digger for the beach is probably the long handled scoop, particularly if you plan to spend a lot of time detecting in the surf. But any kind of sand scoop will work just fine. Mini spades are very good for wet sand and hacking away at hardpack, they also work very well in conjunction with a plastic sieve, available from any garden center.

The best all round digger

The best all round digger is probably the Black ADA Invader type digger (pictures of the design at the link). The Invader type digger consists of a long handle with a slim, foot assisted, blade. The only environment this type of digger doesn't really work is on dry sand.


Back in the good old days, before the country went completely insane, a great many metal detectorists would carry a knife as part of their standard equipment, particularly if they were going to be searching in woodland or around trees. A knife would be essential for cutting through the small roots you would inevitably encounter.

We do not recommend detectorists carry knives. If the police catch you with it, even though you have a perfectly reasonable, legitimate reason to be carrying it, they can and probably will arrest you for it. Sentences for carrying knives are very severe, it just isn't worth the risk.

Alternatives to knife carry

Lots of diggers nowadays have root rippers, a serrated edge on the digging blade specifically designed for cutting through roots, not as effective as a knife, but will not land you in hot water with the local constabulary.

Another alternative is a small hand trowel with a good sharp digging blade.

Manufacturers of Metal Detecting Trowels, Diggers and Spades.

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