Metal Detector Search Coils - Search Deeper, Faster & Smarter

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Metal Detector Search Coils - Search Deeper, Faster & Smarter

Large Search Coils

Larger coils not only help you search deeper, they also give you better ground coverage, you will cover more of the surface area of your site faster. However, they are not so good for sites with a lot of iron or junk. Detecting a nonferrous target close to a piece of iron will cause the detector to 'blank out' the good target. Many large coils are less likely to detect small items, so a large search coil may mean sacrificing some sensitivity.

Small Search Coils

Smaller search coils are good for trashy sites and for sites with lots of iron contamination. A small coil will really help you get to the good targets between the nails. The big draw back of small coils is the loss of depth.

The smaller the coil, the harder you will have to work, your ground coverage is significantly reduced, so the time you take to search a site will dramatically increase.

Specialist search coils

Garrett make a hoard hunter 'two box' type search coil for their higher end computerized machines. This coil will find larger objects buried deeper in the ground, but will not detect single coins or small artefacts and is intended specifically for hoard hunting, not for general metal detecting.

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