The Middleham Jewel

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The Middleham Jewel

The Middleham Jewel

Above: The Middleham Jewel, Photograph by Christian Bickel.

Discovered by metal detectorist Ted Seaton in September 1985, near Middleham Castle, Middleham, North Yorkshire, the Middleham Jewel is an exquisitely engraved 15th century lozenge shaped gothic reliquary pendant, set with a large sapphire.

The Back of the middleham jewel

Above: The back of the Middleham Jewel, Photograph by Christian Bickel.

After the discovery the jewel was declared not treasure trove and sold at auction by Sotheby's in 1986 for �1.3 million, the buyer was rumoured to be a high ranking member of the royal family.

The jewel would later be auctioned again achieving a staggering �2.5 million, the buyer this time was the Yorkshire Museum, where the jewel can be seen today.

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  • The Middleham Jewel and Ring by John Cherry and edited by Elizabeth Hartley York 1994 ISBN 0-905807-12-X

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