Robert F. Bob Marx - The Treasure Hunters

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Robert F. Marx (Bob Marx), was one of the pioneer American Scuba divers and is best known for his work with shipwrecks and sunken treasure. Although Marx is considered controversial for his frequent and successful forays into treasure hunting, fellow treasure hunter and underwater archaeologist E. Lee Spence has described Marx as the true father of underwater archaeology.[1]

Marx has made over 5,000 dives[2] and has authored over 800 scientific reports\articles and 59 books on history, archaeology, shipwrecks and exploration.[3] Marx is married to Jennifer Marx and lives in Indiatlantic, Florida. The couple are co-authors on a number of non-fiction books.

He was a founding member of the Council on Underwater Archaeology and of the Sea Research Society and served on the Society's Board of Advisors and in 1972 participated in the creation of the research/professional degree of Doctor of Marine Histories.[4]

Marx was made a Knight-commander in the Order of Isabel The Catholic for his re-enactment in the Nina II of Christopher Columbus' first voyage of exploration..[5]


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  • Buried treasures you can find : over 7500 locations in all 50 states by Robert F Marx (Dallas, TX : Ram Books, �1993)ISBN 0915920824, ISBN 9780915920822, OCLC: 29561608
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  • Clay smoking pipes recovered from the sunken city of Port Royal October 1, 1967-March 31, 1968 by Robert F Marx; Jamaica National Trust Commission (Kingston, Jamaica National Trust Commission, 1968) OCLC 121031

Buy Books Robert F. 'Bob' Marx at

Buy Books Robert F. 'Bob' Marx at

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