Shakspeare's Brooch Found In Stratford

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From The Mirror Of Literature, Amusement, And Instruction, No. 391 Vol. 14, No. 391, Saturday, September 26, 1829

Shakspeare's Brooch

(To the Editor of the Mirror.)

Shakspeares brooch found at stratford

Having frequently observed in your valuable publication the great attention which you have paid to every thing relating to the 'Immortal Bard of Avon,' I beg leave to transmit to you two drawings (the one back, the other front) of a brooch or buckle, found near the residence of the poet, at New Place, Stratford, among the rubbish brought out from the spot where the house stood. This brooch is considered by the most competent judges and antiquarians in and near Stratford, to have been the personal property of Shakspeare. A. is the back; 1 and 2, faint traces of the letters which were nearly obliterated, by the person who found the relic, in scraping to ascertain whether the metal was precious, the whole of it being covered with gangrene or verdigris. 3 and 4 are the remains of the hinge to the pin. Fortunately the W. at the corner was preserved. B. represents the front of the brooch; 1, 3, and 5, are red stones in the top part (similar in shape to a coronet) 2 and 4 are blue stones in the same; the other stones in the bottom or heart are white, though varying rather in hue, and all are set in silver.


N.B. The above is shown to the curious by the individual who found it-a poor man named Smith, living in Sheep Street, Stratford.

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