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Metal Detecting UK Home > Nazi Gold > Nazi Gold and The Auckland Islands

Nazi Gold and The Auckland Islands

The Auckland Islands from space - Nazi gold

Above: The Auckland Islands photographed from the space shuttle.

The remote and uninhabited Auckland Islands are another rumoured location for a cache of Nazi gold.

The story goes that a German U-Boat visited the islands in 1945 and either dumped its precious cargo of gold into the sea just off the southern shore or that the crew of the submarine buried the gold somewhere on the islands, in some versions the cargo is not gold, but religious artefacts or even the mortal remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Despite an almost total lack of evidence to back up any version of the story, people continue to search for the treasure.

There are also rumours that the Spear of Destiny is buried somewhere on the islands.

Although currently uninhabited, look-outs were stationed on the islands during world war 2 when the treasure was supposedly dumped or deposited in the area. As far as I know, none of the look-outs reported anything to support the various stories that circulate about the islands. If you have more information email me.

Map of the Auckland Islands - Nazi gold

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