Harold T. Wilkins - The Treasure Hunters

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Harold T. Wilkins (1891 - 1960) was a British journalist and amateur historian educated at Cambridge. As a journalist he regularly reported on the early television experiments of John L. Baird, during the years 1926 - 1932. In middle life he published works on the history of piracy, and on the history of the British public schools.

He was prolific particularly on the subject of 'pirate treasure' and other sea legends, in works such as Captain Kidd and his Skeleton Island (1937), Panorama of Pirate Treasure (1940) and Mysteries and Monsters of the Deep (1948). After 1947 and the earliest 'flying saucer' sighting by Kenneth Arnold, he became fascinated with the saucer phenomenon and plunged into extensive historical research in the style of Charles Fort, eventually producing two Fortean saucer books which were widely read during the 1950s, Flying Saucers on the Moon (1954) and Flying Saucers Uncensored (1955), better known under its US title, Flying Saucers on the Attack.

Wilkins invites comparison with two other British Fortean authors who were his contemporaries, Desmond Leslie and W. Raymond Drake. While Drake patiently dug through ancient literature and legend to find 'evidence' of ancient astronauts, Wilkins dug through ancient literature and legend to find 'evidence' of earlier sightings of flying saucers. Leslie preferred to mine the bogus 'ancient' literature of Theosophy.

Wilkins also published a number of works in the 'ancient mystery' vein, influenced by Theosophy and the myth of Atlantis, including Mysteries of Ancient South America (1945), Secret Cities of Old South America (1952), and Mysteries of Time and Space (1958).

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_T._Wilkins

An interesting fact about Harold T. Wilkins, rarely mentioned these days, is that he actually believed himself to be the reincarnation of notorious pirate (or privateer) Captain William Kidd, this clearly calls his objectivity on anything Kidd related into question.

Published Books

Many of Harold T. Wilkins books have become highly collectable in the last few years, they can be be quite expensive to buy and even trickier to locate!

  • Captain Kidd and his Skeleton Island (1937)

  • Panorama of Pirate Treasure (1940)

  • Mysteries and Monsters of the Deep (1948)

  • Flying Saucers on the Moon (1954)

  • Flying Saucers Uncensored (1955) (US title Flying Saucers on the Attack)

  • Mysteries of Ancient South America (1945)

  • Secret Cities of Old South America (1952)

  • Mysteries of Time and Space (1958)

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Buy Harold T. Wilkins Books on Amazon.com

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