Rommel's Gold - The Treasure of the Afrika Corps

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Metal Detecting Book Shop Home > Nazi Gold > Rommel's Gold - A sunken hoard off the coast of Corsica?

Rommel's Gold or the Treasure of the Afrika Corps

Erwin Rommel - The Desert Fox - Rommel's Gold

Erwin Rommel - The Desert Fox - Rommel's Gold

Above: Erwin Rommel 'The Desert Fox'

Above: Rommel in North Africa

A sunken hoard off the eastern coast of Corsica

The Rommel's Gold Story - Version One

Peter Fleig[1], a diver who served with the SS in World War II, claimed that on the 16th September 1943 he was ordered to assist a group of four officers conceal six steel ammunition boxes in an underwater cavern off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Rommel's Gold - Island of Corsica as photographed by STS-84

Above: the Island of Corsica as photographed by STS-84, image courtesy of NASA

The six boxes are said to have contained precious stones and gold and silver bullion[2] that had been moved out of north Africa as Rommel's Afrika Corps were being crushed by the allied onslaught.

After Fleig and the four officers had successfully hidden the boxes, they headed for the west coast of Italy where they were immediately arrested by allied troops. The four officers, refusing to cooperate with their captors or reveal the location of the treasure, were shot. Fleig was apparently spared after he claimed that he had been forced to assist in the concealment of the boxes and did not know what they contained.

The Rommel's Gold Story - Version Two

In the second version of the story, Peter Fleig has nothing to do with the concealment of the treasure and learns of its exact location from an officer at an SS demobilization camp.

Recovery Attempts

Numerous attempts have been made to recover the treasure, and although several of the expeditions involved Fleig directly, none of them have ever been successful.

[1] Reportedly a pseudonym

[2]Whether this material was supposed to have been looted by Rommel and his troops from north Africa or whether it was barter money that they had taken with them is not clear.

Further reading

The Treasure Seekers by Hans Roden, 1966. Pages 180-186.

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