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Treasure Maps, Codes and Ciphers

For centuries, stories of pirate treasure have held people captivated. Some pirates are believed to have left behind maps and coded messages that could lead whoever unravels them to great fortunes. Does X ever mark the spot, can you break the code?

The Beale Ciphers

Kidd-Palmer Chart, Treasure Map, treasure hunting

The Kidd-Palmer Charts

Yamashita's Gold - The Treasure of the 'The Tiger of Malaya' (Luzon, the Philippines)

Oak Island - The mysterious money pit, treasure hunting, metal detector

Oak Island - The mysterious money pit
The Treasure of Cocos Island
Olivier Levasseur - Pirate Treasure on Mah´┐Ż Island, Seychelles

Other Famous Lost Treasures

The Treasure of Loch Arkaig
The Great Treasure of Lake Guatavita, El Dorado
The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak The Gold and Treasure of Victorio Peak
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